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Croatia - A few days in Trogir

Last year I spent a few days together with my family in Trogir. Trogir is a historical city in Croatia. The old part of Trogir was a little adventure for my young children. They stared amazed at the old churches and buildings. My youngest daughter was even more impressed by the citygate and the old citywalls. "It looks like a picture from my fairy-tale book.", she said. We walked over the streets in Trogir and stopped at various places. Of course also to take a coffee and a piece of cake. In the evening of the first day we cooked together in our holiday home, which we booked with casamundo. The second day we spent at the coast. The children played in the water while we lay lazy at the beach, keeping an eye on them. There were a lot of tourists at the beach, but we still had enough space to feel comfortable. The only annoying guests were some students playing beach volleyball. The third day we went to see Kamerlengo Castle which is a fortress in Trogir. It's more than fivehundred years old and quite impressing. For change we did not cook at our holiday home, but went out for dinner. We found a really good restaurant in the old city center of Trogir, it's called Capo Trogir: http://capo-trogir.com/. Since our children were so enthusiastic about the beach, we went there again on the fifth day of our journey, but we searched for an area where nobody would play beach volleyball. The beach of Trogir is reallly large enough to find more calmer places for families. And the quality of the water and the restrooms was amazing.I even saw a diaper changing table for families with babies.

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