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Leaving Trogir

Our last day in Trogir was a day we spent doing the things we liked most: Visiting the souvenir shops, bathing, eating icecream and at the evening we tried some more dishes at capo-trogir.com. We really liked the restaurant, the service was friendly and they spoke pretty well English.

Especially our daughters were sad when we had to leave our holiday home to go to the airport. I was just happy that I didn't have to clean the house. It was really comfortable to arrive at a clean place and leaving it without worrying about laundry or passing the vacuum cleaner. Of course my family didn't think about this advantage when we decided to book a holiday home here. We were surprised how easy it was to book online.

It was our first trip to Croatia and I think we will go there again. The people are open and friendly to tourists, you feel welcomed wherever you go. Of course you have one or two bad experiences but what remained is a good impression.

23.2.11 15:39

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